Sunny Cameron, Matt Sorensen and Eric Waldman successfully defend local bank against a $2.6 million claim by construction contractor and its surety, and prevail on bank’s tortious interference claim against surety in Fairfax County Circuit Court

In 2019, Cameron/McEvoy was engaged to represent a defendant bank located in Fairfax County in a suit brought by a construction contractor and its surety. The construction contractor, which had a multi-million line of credit and term loan with the bank, and its surety claimed that $2.6 million deposited in the construction contractor’s general purpose accounts at the bank were proceeds from bonded projects to which the surety was allegedly entitled. Earlier in the suit, Sunny Cameron, Matt Sorensen and Eric Waldman were successful in securing dismissal of the construction contractor’s claims against the bank. After a five-day bench trial, they successfully persuaded the Court to dismiss all of the surety’s claims against the bank. They were also successful on the bank’s tortious interference claim against the surety in which the trial court held that the surety tortiously interfered with the bank’s secured right to receive from the construction contractor funds which the surety knew were non-bonded funds to which the surety had no interest.