Business Litigation Services

Litigation is a serious business. Every case, no matter its size, is going to be tried to a judge, jury or arbitrator by one or two primary attorneys if it does not settle. But no case can settle to your best advantage if your opponent believes you are afraid to go to trial. To go the distance, and to do it without wasting money, you need experienced trial attorneys on your side.

The trial attorneys at Cameron/McEvoy PLLC have tried hundreds of cases, if not over one thousand, and have handled thousands more through settlement. We are in the courtroom constantly, and we handle many cases that are as complex as any that are handled in large, multi-national firms.

Our focus and experience are our difference.

The art of trial law cannot be learned in school or in seminars any more than a quarterback can learn to play effective football by watching it on television. When a witness has just shifted everyone’s assumptions, experienced trial attorneys adapt. They know the signals that judges send to counsel appearing before them, and they know how to realistically size up a claim that might look good on paper but which has no realistic chance with a jury.

Experience also saves legal fees that would otherwise be spent on a less-experienced attorney’s education. A thorough analysis of a client’s goals – and the business case for achieving them – should set the compass for every litigation matter at the outset of an engagement. Along with knowing what has to be done to prove the client’s claims or defenses, this type of planning provides a touchstone for everything else that happens in a case.

We are experienced trial lawyers. We are the clear alternative.

The trial lawyers at Cameron/McEvoy focus on business litigation in the federal and state courts of Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia, but we go anywhere our clients take us. We also regularly serve as co-counsel to national and international law firms seeking representation and guidance with respect to litigation matters in the DC metro area. Our litigation services include, but are not limited to, the following on behalf of corporate entities or individuals:

  • Company-to-Company Disputes
  • Employment Litigation
  • Products Liability
  • Real Estate Disputes
  • Interference with Business Rights
  • Officer and Director Claims
  • Insurance Coverage Disputes
  • Federal Criminal Litigation
  • Copyright/Trademark
  • Fraud Claims
  • Construction Claims and Mechanic’s Liens
  • Trust and Estate Litigation
  • High Value Personal Injuries, Including Defamation
  • Contract Disputes
  • Bank and Broker Claims/FINRA
  • Indemnification and Contribution Claims
  • Non-Competition and Non-Solicitation
  • State and Local Government Litigation
  • Condemnation