Corporate & Business Services

At Cameron/McEvoy, we believe that a successful corporate and business law practice focuses on helping its clients maximize profitability while navigating the ever-changing reality of the day to day operation of a business.  In today’s landscape, a successful business must be dynamic and forward looking, so we seek to provide counsel to match that demanding environment.  

Businesses and organizations at every stage of the life cycle rely on our attorneys for practical, efficient, and effective counsel.  The goals of an early stage, emerging growth organization may often be much different than the goals of a late stage, seasoned company looking for an exit strategy.   No matter where your business is in its life cycle – from the entity formation and planning, to targeted growth through equity or debt financing or strategic acquisitions and divestitures, or to the final sale event or succession planning – we want to be a trusted advisor in your business. We want to help you lead and grow your organization to meet its goals.

At Cameron/McEvoy, we represent all categories of participants in business operations and transactions, including owner, investor, buyer, seller, majority stockholder, minority stockholder, minority-owned, set-aside, advisor, board member, executive, prime contractor, subcontractor, and others.  We provide a wide range of corporate and transactional business services, including executive incentive compensation, capital raising through equity and debt financing, mergers and acquisitions, contract negotiation, strategic deals such as joint ventures, and more.