Cameron/McEvoy Resolves Contract Dispute Between Client and Fairfax County Following Favorable Ruling Regarding Applicability of Virginia Public Procurement Act

Cameron/McEvoy represented a commercial general contractor, Biscayne Contractors, in a dispute with Fairfax County involving the construction of a County-owned fire station. Biscayne Contractors claimed that it was owed substantial sums from the County and, when the County refused to pay, a complaint was filed in the Circuit Court of Fairfax County. Relying on various provisions of the Virginia Public Procurement Act (“the Act”), the County sought to have the lawsuit dismissed as not having been filed in accordance with the Act. Following lengthy motions practice, the Court ruled in favor of Biscayne Contractors. The parties thereafter resolved the matter, and the lawsuit was dismissed in accordance with the settlement. The Court’s Opinion Letter can be accessed here.