About Us

Our experience matters.

Cameron/McEvoy PLLC is a business litigation, corporate and estate planning firm. In the litigation arena, we focus on navigating your case from pre-litigation positioning and negotiating through trial and, if necessary, appeal. Unlike many firms with “litigation departments” that rarely litigate anything in court, we have tried hundreds of cases, if not over a thousand, to judges, juries and arbitrators. Likewise, our corporate and estate planning practices have represented businesses and individuals in all manners of transactions and planning.  It is our goal to grow and protect your business and your assets to match your vision, while relying on our expertise in proven strategies to get you there.  Few other law firms have this type of focus, and even fewer can couple it with the degree of relevant experience brought to the table by Cameron/McEvoy.

We are fortunate to have an extraordinary client base that gives us the opportunity to handle sophisticated  matters usually handled by larger firms. We do so in a collegial setting characterized by espirit de corps and a commitment to the success of our clients.

Whether we are representing a Fortune 500 business or an individual, we strive to help every client define the business case for every engagement we accept. This discipline helps us define the right risks, assign the right tasks and manage costs from the outset of every case.

Commitment. Quality. Pride. Effort. Understanding. Dialogue. Accountability. Responsiveness.

Leading the way with innovative billing.

Cameron/McEvoy does not bill for routine copies, faxes or long distance telephone charges. If we outsource large copy jobs, we pass the cost straight through without a markup.

And lastly, for the convenience of our clients, we accept payments by credit card and e-check ($10,000 limit on e-check):
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